North Flores Tourism Establishment Supporting Activities


On October 2018, in collaboration with Tourism Board of Ngada, we attended in annual agenda of Ngada Regency Government in Bajawa, “Exhibition of Ngada Regency Development”. We aim to raise awareness to conserve Komodo dragon in Riung by increasing the involvement of local communities in promoting their ecotourism and merchandise from Torong Padang – one of Komodo’s habitat on Flores. In that event we introduce the ecotourism potential to public with support of trekking poster, Pota-Riung tourism map, and komodo wooden statue.

We also invited two Sambinasi representatives who have expertise in making merchandise, Muksim Gantong and Setia Bombong. Gantong is a local citizen who attended our wooden carving statue workshop earlier in 2017 and 2018, and Bombong is a weaver from West Sambinasi. Both showed how to make their own merchandise in front of attendants and got positive appraisals from Ngada Regency Government.

On the same period we, also in collaborated with Tourism Board also invited three weaver artists from Sambinasi Raya Village, Riyanti Dema (West Sambinasi), Johar Goma (Middle Sambinasi), and Vivin Mediyanti (Sambinasi) in an event of crafting art group to support local tourism and culture. This event was led by a crafting professor in ITB, Dr. Ratna Panggabean. Held by Ngada Regency Tourism Board, this event was conducted in Sanggar Pewarna Alami Indigo Langa, to build the capacity of local communities to craft and create new form of arts, such as keychain, necklace, bracelet, and other accessories to fit the need of tourism merchandise demand in Ngada Regency and provide economic benefits.