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Dragon's life time
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 admin 0

Male Komodo dragons grow much bigger and live nearly twice longer than females.


Our eight years data from more than 400 individu revealed that males and females grew at about the same rate until they reached sexual maturity in about their seventh year. After that males kept growing, reaching an average length of 160 centimeters in SVL (excluding tails, ~ 3 meter in total length). But the females’ growth plateaued at an average of 120 centimeters in SVL (excluding tails, ~ 2 meter to 2.5 meter in total length). We also found that female Komodo only live for about 30 years, while males generally could live up to 40 years, with some healthy individual could live longer, up to 60 years.

We concluded that males kept expending energy for growth, allowing them to compete against one another for mates, whereas the females stopped growing, redirecting all of their energy into building and maintaining nests, reproducing and guarding their eggs for nearly 6 months.

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Komodo Survival Program

"Developing capacity and reliable knowledge to conserve komodo dragons and it's environment."

Komodo Survival Program (KSP) adalah organisasi nirlaba yang berbasis di Denpasar BALI. KSP bergerak di bidang konservasi, khususnya pada satwa Komodo dan habitatnya.

Dukung kami untuk melestarikan dan menyelamatkan satwa kebanggaan Indonesia ini dari kepunahan.